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Georgia Lawngrowers offers all the services you will need to have a beautiful lawn. From the grass to the shrubs we can help. Our company is built around growing beautiful green weed free grass. But we don’t stop there we can take care of your shrubs and small ornamental trees. If you need help keeping fungus or insects under control we can help. We even have a program to mow your grass.

Georgia Lawngrowers has over 35 years of experience in the lawn and garden business and knows what it takes to give you a beautiful healthy green lawn that is surrounded by lush shrubs.

Our Annual Fertilizer and Weed control Program is specifically designed to the type of grass you have and our technicians are highly trained to diagnoses and correctly treat the issues occurring in your lawn. We carry all the necessary supplies to make your lawn beautiful. With each lawn treatment you will receive a newsletter explaining what we did and what to be on the lookout for. We are committed to you and your lawn. If you have any questions please call. All calls are returned promptly.

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Lawn Treatments

We offer the following treatments

Annual Lawn Programs



Weed Controls


Other Services Provided


Fescue Seeding

Tree & Shrubs

Our Ornamental Tree and Shrub Program will provide year round protection for this beautiful part of your yard

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