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Why Georgia Lawngrowers vs the Others:

  1. Programs tailored to specific grass type
    Our programs treat the type of grass you have.
    Other companies come with one program and average it to treat all grass.

  2. Complete programs, with no hidden costs
    We treat the grassy weeds as well as the broadleaf weeds for an extra charge.
    Lime is included as well as all the pre-emergents and fertilizers needed.

  3. Hints + Tips regarding watering and cutting
    We want the best for you so we offer help regarding the parts you do.

  4. Courteous, Professional, Trustworthy staff.

  5. 45 years of experience on lawns like ours

  6. Fully insured and licensed GA pesticide applicators



Why Our Service Makes Sense:

  1. Greener Grass
    Perfectly balanced fertilizer timed for the correct season.
    No more guessing which fertilizer is right.

  2. Weed Free Grass
    No hastle to get rid of the weeds, we do it.
    No more running to Lowe's for expensive weed killers.

  3. No more storing chemicals
    No more buying and storing chemcial containers that spill and leak.
    Fewer hazards to you and your family because we spray only what is needed.

  4. No More Questions
    What should I buy? We provide everything.
    When should it be done? We do it at the right time.

  5. No more Lawn Problems
    Just call and tech will come and see you, in most cases in 24-48 hours.

  6. More Time For You!

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